From the prairies of North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Dylan Sylvester has gone far and wide, and he plans to go farther and wider. Busking on Canada's sidewalks, he is meandering his way across the country in his camper-van. 

Although he hails from the flatlands, his time in the Atlantic provinces has shaped his voice to have a real East Coast sound to it.  With influences ranging from Great Big Sea to Simon and Garfunkel to Jonathan Coulton, Sylvester's music tends to be upbeat and folky, with a bigger sound than his ukulele has any right to have. 

Dylan Sylvester is one of the three co-founders of co-op record label “Grade School Records”, which specializes in small run music and video releases. The imprint released an EP in the summer of 2014, titled “As Seen on Talk Radio” featuring a song by each artist on the label, as well as a piece written by all the artists together, while living over 600 km apart across the prairies.