Day 360-Clause

Pitch: Saskatoon, Broadway; Moose Jaw Casino

time: 12:00-1:00, 7:00-7:30

seed: $8.25

earned: $88.05, $27.10

Wow Saskatoon, that was unexpected. Santa Claus was out and about today, giving people five dollar gift certificates to a bunch of Broadway shops. He gave one to me and even threw in a couple of candy canes. One girl spent so long digging in her purse for change, she had to sit down to get out of the way of the foot traffic. It took longer than a whole song, but she did eventually find something to give me. The best surprise though, was seeing a former band teacher, Mr. Streisel. We didn't have a long chat, but it was nice to see him again. 

On the way to Moose jaw, I saw no snow on the ground almost as soon as I left Saskatoon. 

Posted on November 28, 2015 .