Day 553-2.5 hour work week

Hey, it's me again. I know I've kinda let this fall to the wayside, but I haven't stopped anything. I've been doing fine without busking in the middle of the week because the farmers market has been treating me so well. It's not like I'm doing nothing during the week either. Last Sunday I got interviewed by that professor for her study, and had a blast doing it. Now I am also co-writing a song with a friend from back home and it's coming along very nicely. But my next bit of news is something I could have only dreamed of. I have a gig here in St. John's. I'm so proud and happy to be able to say that, and it just happened to fall into my lap. I was just offered it while busking last week, and the lady wasn't even sure if The event was going to happen. But it is going to happen, and I could not be happier. 

Posted on October 19, 2016 .