Day 534-King of George Street

Pitch: St. John's Farmers Market, George St. 

time: 11:00am-1:30pm, 10:00pm-1:30am

earned: $112:40, $74.00

I don't think I've every played as much music in one day as I did today. Sometimes though, you just have to burn the candle at both ends to really make the most out of the good weather. The farmers market went well, clearly, but nothing really spectacular happened. On George st. I was next to a place called Jungle Jim's, which is basically where all the taxies congregate to pick up and drop off pubgoers. I know now that I definitely showed up at least an hour early, but I did have that spot on lockdown all night. I also learned that if I'm going to make a habit of this, I'm going to need to learn more crowd pleasers. Not for the audience necessarily, but so I can play a wider variety of tunes that aren't slow or obscure. I repeated songs so many times I was getting bored of some of my most exciting tunes, and I don't ever want this job to get boring.