Day 475-small place

I started the van, kept the GPS off, picked a road and drove. I went west and followed signs for a place I thought sounded familiar, checking out a few small towns along the way. One of them boasted being the home of the Canadian Potato Museum, but I did not go in. Of all the things will regret from this trip, skipping that museum is not one of them. When I got where I was going, it was way smaller than I anticipated, so I kept on driving. The road eventually looped back the way I came and something dawned on me. I traveled across a third of this island and I didn't see anything that could even pass as a 'town,' and it didn't even take me that long to do. I did a quick Google search and found that this whole province has only 2 Walmarts. My gallivanting plan is going to need some recalculation. Until then, I'll be taking on Charlottetown. 

Posted on August 3, 2016 .