Day 644-Articles

Pitch: Antigonish nslc

time: 2:00-4:00

earned: $68.65

 Back in the day, I would find and read articles on busking. Lots of them were just general advice lists. You know, things to avoid doing, suggestions on where to go in front of, nothing specific though. I think those were written mainly to psych up first-timers. A handful of articles actually told a story, like that one where one of the world's top violinist   busked in a New York subway station the morning before he played a sold out show. The guy barely made 30 bucks. I did some research, and that is not enough for even the cheapest tickets to one of his upcoming performances. 

 The article that I've been thinking about recently, though, was an interview. It was with a musician who had gotten her start as a busker, and she'd occasionally dip back into it between gigs. The thing that has stuck with me is her saying that she wouldn't leave her pitch until she'd made at least $50, even if it took her three hours.   I remember when I read that I'd been at it for about a year and I was starting to hit my stride in Moose Jaw. I thought it was bullshit. How could she tell how much money was in her case? And three hours?! Easy for her, she plays fiddle, and her voice doesn't get tired. And wasnt it just so pompous of her to think that she can always walk away with $50. 

Well, now I think I get it. 

Posted on June 13, 2017 .